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16-03-2010, 01:09 AM (This post was last modified: 18-10-2010 12:44 PM by Ryor.)
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Note by Ryor

Anyone who makes 160 points profit in a single Chelts Festival probably deserves a Hall of Fame all to themselves icon_prayicon_prayicon_prayicon_prayicon_pray
However, for reasons of space I've included just the last page of Opti's fabled 5-page Chelts 10 thread, plus the first post (otherwise it'd all disappear). The original remains in the Daily Racing forum, where you can search it out under the title 'Opti's Cheltenham Festival' - might not be a bad idea to have a look at it next March 1st for Masterclasses!

No superlatives could be enough to big up Opti here - a novice tipster (by his own description) living in Portugal, who's shown us all some way to go, in a Fest where this year it's been difficult to find any winner at all, let alone a steady stream of them (and placers) at whopping prices.

So take a bow Opti, this was the stuff of legends! Trumpet Cup Sunny Mex-wave blob-jump


Welcome to the "Opti´s Cheltenham Search for value picks!" Wtf2
Well as most of you know i bet for fun, and fun only.
Also being portuguese i got no feeling in relation to Cheltenham, but the fact everyones talking about it, well and the fact thats theres very good stats going around made me decide to have a go at it.

Not shure i can do anything, but the fact that theres quite some good odds goign around makes me wanna take a shot (and miss).
This will be wasted money, and ill spare none of it Icon_biggrin
Here goes nothing. Most prices will be William Hill so easy to get for anyone and also BOG.


1:30 Supreme Novices Hurdle
Obvious FAV Dunguib at evens currently both at bookies and BF.
So the pick indeed is Dunguib a horse i dont want to go against.
- Dunguib WIN @2 6 pts
But at such a large race, with so many horse and such a short fav, theres bound to be profit in the places!
Now many people are looking at Get Me Out of Here for the e/w with win chances (wich i agree) but at 6 in most places hell no. Also Oscar Wisky and Blackstairmountain are both currectly price and all these 3 have pretty good chances, but im wishing they let 1 or 2 spots slip in the fight.
Now theres 2 places left in the podium, and they gotta be at good odds to be worth it so a picked 3 instead and low stakes:
- Menorah e/w @11 2pt
- General Miller e/w @21 1pt
- Chain of Command e/w @201 0.5pt
Crazy i know, but nothing i can do...

2:05 Arkle Challenge
Althought i do believe the fav is the most likely winner, my rats present Somersby the top rated, as such ill bet on both as follows:
- Somersby Win @5 3pts
- Captain Cee Bee Win @4 2pts
Now this race is alot more even in respect to odds, but still theres a place left in the podium, wich can easily be filled by either Riverside Theatre or Seizing Europe (more chances i believe). But incase an ousider slips in im putting an e/w on:
-Osana e/w @22 (BF) place @4.6 1pts
Yeap a day to lose money, but ill be placing small stakes mostly for fun.

2:40 William Hill Thropy
Very divided race in my rats....
Tip here already by TBR, so a horse to respect is The Package at a lovely price:
-The Package win @7 2pts
Now for the e/ws:
- Ogee e/w @12 1pt
- Knowhere e/w @51 0.5pt
- Chief Dan George e/w @26 0.5pt

3:20 Smurfit Kappa Champion
4 horses that make me think hard on this race - Celestial Halo, Go Native, Medermit and Solwhit, now now, i know im leaving Khyber Kim out of these but still ill leave him out Icon_wink
But the choices have to be made so here they are:
- Go Native Win @5 1.5pt
- Solwhit Win @7 1pt
- Celestial Halo e/w @10 1pt
- Medermit @9 1pts

4:00 Glenfarclas
Bah hmm dam, hmm maybe, hmm no, well then that one.... no. goddam..
Top rated and favs too indecided for me so lets go with longshots...
- Double Dizzy e/w @26 1.5pt
- A New Story e/w @34 1pt
Bah gotta have a win bet anyway....
- Sizing Australia Win @5.5 1pt
Also keeping an eye on Monkerhostin and Twanies

4:40 David Nicholson
2 favs very strong, very close on rats, and sadly very short...
But ill go with:
- Quevega Win @3 2pts
Now on the ouside:
- Artic Magic e/w @51 0.5pt
- Caroles Legacy e/w @23 1pt
- Aura About you e/w @34 1pt

Also the betting plan is quite screwed up, i thought of everything, except the ammounts to bet hmmm so please take no notice of it...
And there you go, a long shot in the dark, for the fun of it.
Tomorrows a days work, ill be stressing simply at work, while you guys suffer because of the races Icon_biggrin
Enjoy and mostly have fun icon_pidu
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19-03-2010, 07:18 PM
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RE: Opti´s Cheltenham Festival
Brilliant week, Opti. Cup
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19-03-2010, 07:45 PM
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RE: Opti´s Cheltenham Festival
Pigeon Island e/w @41 2pts, nice little earner Opti Dessie
[Image: delboy_280_474001a.jpg]
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19-03-2010, 07:48 PM
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RE: Opti´s Cheltenham Festival
Class Colly!!!
A different gravy Opti! Brilliant.Dessie
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19-03-2010, 11:45 PM
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RE: Opti´s Cheltenham Festival
(19-03-2010 01:10 AM)Opti Wrote:  DAY 4
1:30 JCB Triumph Hurdle 3.5 pts
- Soldatino Win @7 1pt WON 6/1BeerBeer
- Barizan e/w @34 2pts 2º 14/1Beer
- Olofi Win @15 0.5pt
Lucky punt, and would be alot happier with Barizan winning, had great hopes for him... Still a lovely forcast, but something i dont do....
SP: +7.25pts
My BOG bet: +12pts

2:05 Vicent O´Brien 6.5pts
- Oldrik Win @13 1pt
- Eradicate Win @11 1pt
- Keki Buku e/w @34 2pt
- Dee Wee Williams Win @34 0.5pt 3º 20/1
- Pacha Bere e/w @34 2pt
Total miss, the one i should have made a 2pt e/w i didnt....thats what i get for changing in the last minute...
SP: -6.5pts
My BOG bet: -6.5pts

2:40 Albert Bartlett 5pts
- Tell Massini @5.5 1pt (saver bet)
- Entreprise Park @8 1pt
- Shinrock Park @9.5 1pt
- Berties Dream e/w @41 2pts WON 33/1 BeerBeer
At last hit with another good priced winner, fortune is with me.
SP: +37.5pts
My BOG bets: +46.25pts

3:20 Totesport Chelt 5.5pts
- Denman Win @5.5 1pt
- Tricky Trickster Win @15 0.5pt
- Carruthers e/w @51 2pts
- Calgary Bay e/w @51 2pts
Well got what i deserved in this race, for being over an ambitious...
SP: -5.5pts
My BOG bet: -5.5pts

4:00 Christies Foxhunter 4pts
- Baby Run Win @7 1pt WON 9/2Beer
- Trust Fund Win @8 1pt
- Turthen Win @15 1pt
- Kilty Storm Win @15 1pt 2º 16/1
Well was a win or lose race thankfully got a winner.
SP: +0.5pt
My BOG bet: +3pts

4:40 Martin Pipe 7pts
- Radium Win @15 2pt 2º 14/1
- Pause And Clause Win @19 1pt WON 14/1BeerBeer
- Simarian e/w @67 2pts
- Always Bold e/w @34 2pts
I know im being picky but disapointed with Radium, who for me was the probable winner, thats why the 2pts win bet.....
SP: +7pts
My BOG bet: +12pts

5:15 Johnny Henderson 10pts
- Your The Top Win @11 1pt
- Lennon e/w @34 2pts
- Tartak Win @13 1pt
- Tataniano Win @9 2pts
- Pigeon Island e/w @41 2pts WON 16/1BeerBeer
- Tramantano e/w @41 2pts
Wow i really was crazy on this one, 10pts staked.... thats what drinks and women do to you, also amazed at the price diference obtained, 41 the night before and the SP being of 16/1??? Gotta love Best Odds Guaranteed!!!!
SP: +11.25pts
My BOG bet: +41.25pts

So 40.5pts staked for tomorrow, and not a chance in hell to make any profit, how you like that? Have fun!
PS: Yes im intoxicated...
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20-03-2010, 12:00 AM
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RE: Opti´s Cheltenham Festival
Comon guys, im fucking delirous...
Thx for the cheers, i really apreciate it, just got home to this, cant believe my William Hill account lol Remybussi
Really a lucky punt. But yeah i really like Chelt!!!

7 races today
5 winners at lovely prices (6/1, 33/1, 9/2, 14/1, 16/1)
And those are SP because for me it was the big ones at 41, 19 and 41 Icon_eek
4 places althought only one was e/w (14/1, 20/1, 16/1, 14/1)

Anyway it was a lovely day to finnish chelt, 4 days in profit with me betting most of the winnnings on this last day, 40.5 pts staked, but well worth it lol.

SP: +51.5 pts!!
My BOG bets: +102.5 pts Icon_eekIcon_eekIcon_eek

Doubled my bank in 1 day, first time for me....
Was real lucky and this where a wonderfull 4 days for me.
Will take a break after this, will just make another post with the winners for the 4 days.

In the end, and following an horrible staking plan the results are for Chelt:

SP: +91 pts

But most pleasant was the fact i got to use BOG the day before wich never happens normally (since the prices only appear on the morning).

My BOG bets total for the festival: +160 pts BeerBeer

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20-03-2010, 12:15 AM
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RE: Opti´s Cheltenham Festival
Okay then just to summarize the 4 days of racing.
- 26 races
- 102 bets placed in total (crazy number i know)

A profit with this many bets, an average of 4 bets per race, only possible in chelt because of the odds.

These are the winners for the 4 days, at SP, and in lowering order:

40/1 - 33/1 - 33/1 - 25/1 - 18/1 - 16/1 - 14/1 - 14/1 - 12/1 - 10/1 - 6/1 - 9/2 - 6/4

13 winners but what a prices.
As for places, well less important but here are the only ones i liked:
80/1 - 40/1 - 33/1 - 33/1 - 20/1 - 20/1 - 16/1 - 14/1 - 14/1 - 14/1 - 14/1 - 10/1

Anyway had great fun. And thank you all for the suport.
Sorry about the bragging part, but just liked to post the overall. And the wine is starting to kick in.

Now for a break, and remember people this was mostly luck.
Liked the results of the new mix introduced into my rats recently, ill continue their trial soon, just dont think they will work like this in the normal races....

Have a great weekend!
Now to get my face plastered, BeerBeerBeerBeericon_pidu
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